Welcome to Springview!

Springview Mini Goldendoodles is a professional Home breeder of top quality   Petite and small Mini English Teddy Bear”  Goldendoodles.  We have chosen to only breed the English lines because we just love the broad boning and wonderful coats they give us.  The English Lines are also known for their very gentle and laid back temperaments.       We are located in beautiful Seminole County, of  Central Florida, where our dogs can run and play all year round in over 2 acres of fenced in yard.  We are NOT a kennel, all of our dogs live as family members in our home or with their loving Guardian Families.   Our puppies are born in our home and stay in our home until they go to yours.   They are never put out into another building or area to live.

When I started breeding almost 10 years ago, I bred just minis and a few larger pups in all colors.  Over the last few years, I have had more and more families ask for smaller so about three years ago, I decided to specialize and only breed the smaller dogs.   With the genetics I have in my lines, I get beautiful colors that are hard to find, no one gets reds like I do!!!     Almost all of my puppies are 25 pounds or less, please see the info just below.

We are now ONLY  breeding  red/apricot  Petite and small Mini English “Teddy Bear”  Goldendoodle puppies.          Most of our litters will have all petites and a few may have a couple small minis in them.           Most of our puppies will range from 10-25 pounds.  Occasionally we will have a litter with some small minis but we breed mostly petites only.        Each litter pairing may vary slightly.      

We ONLY breed second, third, and milti- generation English Petite and Small Mini Goldendoodles.  We DO NOT breed the F1 generation.    All of our puppies are at least 75% Poodle so they are extremely allergy friendly and in almost all cases are non shedding.      We  specialize in the hard to find colors like our stunning dark apricots and amazing  mahogany red. 


To try to better explain our sizes, here are some general guidelines for you: 

Our Petite  Goldendoodles will range from an average of  10-24 pounds.

Our Mini Goldendoodles will range from an average of  25-30 pounds. 

Each litter pairing will produce a certain size range.      Some litters will span both size ranges, but we always let our families know what is expected in size ranges from each litter when announced and you choose the litter that is right for you.

We produce our Petite puppies with the same wonderful characteristics of our Minis, we just get the smaller size by pairing different parents together.

Please note that we are not affiliated nor do we sell to any Goldendoodle or Puppy Brokers in Florida or anywhere else.    It is well known that puppies purchased from  puppy broker sites are almost always from puppy mills.  Their puppy mill operations can be very well disguised through these sites and even sites of their own.     A quality, reputable breeder does not have trouble selling their own puppies and will  never use a broker.              This is a story about one of the largest puppy mill brokers found on the internet that disguises themselves as local breeders.  They have over 800 separate websites!     It tells you that these puppy broker puppies are actually from puppy mills, the same puppy mills that supply all of the pet stores that sell puppies.       Springview is the Anti Puppy Mill!         http://video.today.msnbc.msn.com/today/45580711#45580711 

It used to be that purchasing a pup over the internet was always from a broker or mill but that has changed now that most businesses are found on the web so it is super important to do your homework and make sure that you are working with a professional reputable breeder that loves and cares for their puppies.   We think that we have made it easy for you to see how we care about what we do PLEASE VISIT OUR   SPRINGVIEW MINI GOLDENDOODLE FACEBOOK PAGE!

   “LIKE”    us on our Facebook page:  Springview Mini Goldendoodles  and  get updates on our program as well as  see hundreds of pictures from our families in the photo albums.              Families on our waiting lists or with our puppies are welcome to join our        “Springview Families”     Facebook page and see stories and pictures from our families!

Goldendoodles are a mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle, two of the most highly intelligent breeds to be found.   Goldendoodles are not to be confused with the Labradoodle, which is a mix of  Labrador Retriever and Poodle.    Goldendoodles  are very social, loving dogs that thanks to their high intellect are very easy to train. They make the perfect family pet or companion to anyone with disabilities.   We have countless puppies in families with children suffering a variety of disabilities, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.     We hear time after time how our puppies have enriched their lives and adapt to the different needs of the people in the family.      Our goal is to produce sweet, healthy, well adjusted puppies that will be a loving companion for many, many years.

Temperament, conformation and especially  health, are the cornerstones of our breeding program and one of the reasons our puppies are in such high demand.   Breeding is not a hobby for me, it is my passion and I feel my calling in life;  I take breeding very seriously.      Our parents all have wonderful, gentle, very loving temperaments.   If we are not happy with the temperament of a pup (or adult) intended for breeding, we spay or neuter this dog and never breed them!   We have purchased dogs before that did not meet our expectations, and after paying top dollar for them and going through full testing with them, we were not happy with the way their personality was turning out or were not happy with the testing results,   these dogs were spayed and  neutered and placed into a loving home.   This is a business and passing on animals that could otherwise be bred is very expensive and not many breeders would do this,  but we are very very picky about the quality of the puppies we produce and will not compromise our standards.

We pride ourselves on being one of THE most responsible breeders of Petite and Mini Goldendoodles to be found. All of our dogs must pass not one, but many rigorous health tests before we even think of breeding them.   We are proud of our dogs and their health!    We are not to be compared to some “backyard breeders” that breed and sell their dogs without doing the recommended testing for our breed.   Please do your research and purchase the healthiest dog you can, if not from us then from a breeder who can prove testing results.   All of our parents are tested for eye diseases with a special DNA test for two kinds of   PRA prcd  which is a hereditary disease which renders affected dogs totally blind.   We not only test for the Poodle mutation but also the new test for Goldendoodles.     This hereditary disease can not be detected prior to onset in any other way other than DNA testing and we test every single dog that is not proven clear by parentage meaning the parents have been tested and found to be clear.   This is an expensive test and not many breeders go to the expense of this test, but if you breed two dogs that carry the gene for this disease, an average of 50% of the puppies will be affected by the disease and go blind.     Our dogs also get a CERF exam by a special canine ophthalmologist to look for hidden eye diseases that can  be passed down to offspring like cataracts.   All of our dogs get certified to have clear and healthy hearts with a cardiac exam.   All of our parents have their hips x-rayed by a certified OFA Vet and the x-rays are sent to OFA for independent expert evaluation.  They are graded as either Excellent, Good, Fair or will be notated to have conditions noted that would make breeding them unwise.   We will never breed a dog that does not pass testing with at least a Fair rating and most of our dogs are certified Good or Excellent by OFA.    There is no “Clear” certification for hips, they are graded on their quality.

We are very proud of the structure and coats we have been able to achieve with our Petite and Mini Goldendoodles!   As I’m sure you have seen, many Goldendoodles can have wiry, straggly,  or rough coats and pointy noses, many look just like Poodles.    Not at Springview!!   We have been able to consistently achieve very blocky builds with amazing plush soft coats.  Our coats can vary from wavy to curly, but our curly Minis are not Poodly looking at all.  Our pups have wonderful strong bone structure, a testament to the wonderful genetics of our parents.   Visit our Facebook page “Springview Mini Goldendoodles” and view hundreds of pictures of our puppies of all ages and sizes in the photo albums.

We stand behind our exceptional dogs and offer a full two year Health Warranty on all of our puppies.  We only breed dogs with the best temperaments and with excellent Goldendoodle conformation.  We have no wool coats in our program and even our Mini Poodles have soft silky coats.

All of our Goldendoodle and Miniature Poodle parents are raised in loving homes, either here with us, or in the homes of our approved guardian families.  We do NOT have  kennels, we don’t believe in raising dogs in any other situation than in your home as members of your family.     If you live in the Central Florida region and are interested in possibly being a guardian home, our Guardian Home Page will tell you more.   Our dogs have all the love they can handle and sleep in our rooms and on our beds.  It is shown that temperament can indeed be passed down to puppies from their parents and we firmly believe that home raised dogs that are a valuable part of a loving family are the most well adjusted and tend to have the most mellow temperaments, therefore produce the most stable tempered puppies.

All of our puppies are handled daily from birth and given loads of love, cuddling and positive stimulation.  When they are old enough, usually at 4 weeks of age,  they spend their days in the main part of our home,   in a large play area complete with a climber and slide,  adjusting to life with lots of fun, activity and a variety of different noises.    Many breeders will say that their puppies are birthed in their home, but what they don’t tell you is that after a few weeks they are moved to a different “kennel” style facility, garage or basement, either for necessity because they breed too many pups for their home or because it is more convenient for them.  None of our dogs or puppies are EVER kept in a kennel, basement or barn. We believe home raised dogs have better temperaments than dogs raised in kennels.  Our puppies are born and raised in our home until they go home to you.

During the day, they get outside time to play in their own beautiful puppy play area to run and play with an assortment of toys and climbing things.

We practice Early Neural Stimulation techniques on all of our puppies!      This is an essential and very important ingredient in achieving a well balanced, socialized puppy.

All of our dogs and puppies are fed only super premium foods, we feed Life’s Abundance Foods.    Life’s Abundance is made in Ohio by an employee owned company, not one of the big conglomerates.    Life’s Abundance dog foods are made with only the highest quality ingredients are is made in small batches.  Making food in small batches insures that you get the very freshest food possible.    The food  you receive is only 4-6 weeks old, that is FRESH!!          These foods  are loaded with fish, meats and vegetables, and are Ethoxyquin free.       They also offer  Puppy Food which is something I have been missing for a very long time.  There are many other foods that we could feed our dogs and puppies that would be much less expensive for us, but we feel that only the very best food possible is what we want to feed our dogs and puppies, because we want to help give them the healthiest life possible.   You can order your food from our website  before your puppy comes home and have delivered right to your door so you are ready for your puppy when he or she arrives.      This is just another example of our commitment to the health of all of our dogs and puppies! Our Moms are also given extra special “extras” while nursing to help them produce lots of rich healthy milk for their pups.

Your puppy will be micro chipped before leaving for his/her new home and will come home with the enrollment form.  This microchip is easily read by any vet or animal control agency and is an essential part of returning your dog if he or she is ever lost or stolen!

Springview Mini Goldendoodles is always here to offer support and help to  re-home for your pet if ever the unfortunate need arises.

We do not ship our puppies any longer, all families are welcomed here to our home with open arms to pick up their puppy on puppy release dates.