Early Neural Stimulation

Early Neural Stimulation is a technique based on years of research that was first used by the U.S. Military in their canine program in an effort to improve the performance of their dogs used for military purposes.  This program later became known to the public as the “Super Dog” program. This research showed that dogs exposed to specific early neurological stimulation exercises were able to handle stress better and were actually more resistant to certain forms of cancer and infectious diseases.  Breeders also find that these pups are less prone to an over-reaction to stimuli, (biting out of fear), tend to be much more social, and adapt to change more easily.

In addition to the normal daily handling and care we give our puppies, we also follow the guidelines set forth for this technique of Early Neural Stimulation.  We feel this is another great way to give your puppy the best start that we can.

For more information on this important technique, please read this informative article by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia Ph.D by visiting his website Breeding Better Dogs