A special note and information about Puppy Mills:


Please note that we are not affiliated nor do we sell to any Goldendoodle or Puppy Brokers in Florida or anywhere else.    It is well known that puppies purchased from  puppy broker sites are almost always from puppy mills.  Their puppy mill operations can be very well disguised through these sites and even sites of their own.     A quality, reputable breeder does not have trouble selling their own puppies and will  never use a broker.     Because we cannot always allow visitors due to having puppies, please visit our discussion forum and read from many families who have our puppies and have visited our home to pick up their puppies and have met us and our dogs.    We encourage you to use this forum as a place to ask our families any questions about us that you may have.  We are also happy to give you the names of our vets for references.          This is a story about one of the largest puppy mill brokers found on the internet that disguises themselves as local breeders.  They have over 800 separate websites!     It tells you that these puppy broker puppies are actually from puppy mills, the same puppy mills that supply all of the pet stores that sell puppies.       Springview is the Anti Puppy Mill!         http://video.today.msnbc.msn.com/today/45580711#45580711 


Puppies sold in pet or puppy stores are also always from Puppy Mills.   Any reputable breeder will never sell their puppies to one of these places so if you are told they are from a reputable breeder, you can be assured this is not true.    Reputable  Doodle breeders have extensive networks and if we ever happen to have puppies available we let the others know and usually they are sold quickly.


I want to share with you a heart wrenching note that I recently received from a woman who had originally contacted me about a puppy but did not continue with the process.      She asked that I make this note public to help others understand what happens when you purchase from a puppy store.


Oh WOW! You really have some beautiful pups.

I want to tell you my story. I wish that I had purchased from you. Please provide this is a lesson so others will not think that your pups are expensive.

I purchased two golden doodles from a puppy store here in Central Florida some months ago. I actually was just showing my granddaughter some of the breeds that wanted. I was shopping for a lap dog. I wanted to get one after my dog passing and I did miss the “young” energy in my house. I have recently became an empty nester. I have two very senior golden retrievers, one of which is senile.

I walked away from the store. I did not like the place and I hate those places because I was told that most may come from puppy mills. I went home and two days later I could not get of my mind this cute Goldendoodle. At lunch time I went by and checked the dog. I grabbed him and he was actually bones. He was a skeleton with fur. I then grabbed the two left in the “crib” and bought them. I figure that God would help me fatten these two dogs up.

I brought them home and I was in love with them instantly. The next day they got bloody diarrhea. I took them to the vet who sadly informed me that one had pneumonia. She gave me antibiotics and was not sure about the prognosis. The next day the other one started wheezing as well. His x-ray showed that the infection was in both lungs. But, first the vet had to rule out distemper! This went on for about 4 days and we (vet an I) found that the antibiotics were not working for them. She told me that they needed a more aggressive therapy, including Baytril. It was their only hope. Medication was given to them via IV, with nebulizer treatment 24/7. One of them required 24 hours care for a week, which meant astronomical bills at the e-vet of about $1,000 a night (they felt sorry for me so, the last few days, I was charged about $250 a night). I would bring him home between the regular vet at the e-vet to force feed him the only food he could digest, little pieces of chicken breast. The dogs were under constant medical care for about 4 weeks. At the 5th week, I became extremely ill. The stress took a toll, but I kept going. My sole purpose in life was to bring these two dogs back to health.

And they did! They gained weight and became the most adorable but unruly dogs. They loved me but having two male dogs from the same litter who did not have the right environment during the first three months of their lives was a recipe for disaster. They would be at each other’s throat all day (or all night!) I have a full time job, so I would come at noon and take them out and try to start to potty train them. That meant taking two hour lunches. I could not potty train them! They would not let me sleep. I would get up at 12, 2 and 4 a.m. I would take them outside and they would just go crazy digging holes everywhere. I would be chasing after them at 3 in the morning, with a cast on my foot! They fell in the pool a few times! (I was wearing a cast and had the fear that needed surgical intervention to heel my foot). I have no idea how I was even able to clean the house after them! They chewed my couch, my tables, my dressers and my old dogs were under immense stress. At work, I was given even more tasks at work with unrealistic deadlines. I was so stressed out that I started to smoke again. I was drained, angry and went crazy. I would just yell at everyone, including my ex-husband and grown children. I thought I had lost my mind. Last week, there was a family intervention and they convinced me that I had to give the dogs up. I could not afford to loose my job, my house and my health. They convinced me that I actually saved their lives and not too many people would have done what I did. They assisted me in surrendering the dogs.

I finally surrendered. I had not slept for a solid 8, 6 or even 4 hours for two months. I needed to get my foot back to health, my finances in order to and bring the natural order of things back in my life.  My doggies were adopted on May 3 by two loving and deserving families.

I am afraid to even add the vet bills, the food and toys. I do not even care about the furniture! It was worth it every penny, and I pray to God that the new families will have the resources and energy to deal with them. But, I feel that many would have just allowed for the dogs to die. When I went back to the puppy store a few days later to complain, the place was mostly empty, and they were cleaning the cages outside. Who knows what kind of bug they were dealing with and what happened to the approximately 30 puppies they had earlier. My fear is that they got destroyed.  The puppy store is still in business and I making it my mission to have it closed.     They have all kinds of kennel cough outbreaks and all of the vets that I saw just whispered to me about the problem.  It seems to me that everyone is afraid to take action against these people.  I am also appalled at the “vets” associated with them and refused to take my dogs there.  They sell hundreds of puppies a week, many are not lucky.   I am figuring out different avenues.  For now, I am writing a lot of e-mails.

I am heartbroken because I do not get to see my babies grow up. I am now grieving and I want my pain to make a difference. I certainly hope that one day when the time is right, when I am healed and my oldest dog goes to doggy heaven, I can get a dog from you! I would love to get a little girl. Her name would be Lulu.

I asked God a few days ago to send me dream so I could find my way back to my dogs. I miss them so much! A man showed in my dreams and said that the dogs would be ready for me in a few minutes but that he needed to give me something I left behind and gave me my pillow. Then the dogs came and did not want to come with me. I thought that was odd. I then got in my car and went to see if I could get my dogs back and to make them love me again. After being in the car for 10 minutes, I realized that God want me to have my pillow back (my rest) for now.

God Bless



Please do not make the same mistake that Maria made.  Her purchase of the puppies from the puppy store was well intentioned and made with love to save these wonderful little dogs but really she was just supporting the puppy store and the puppy mill that supplies them.  If no one buys puppies from pet stores or brokers online, then the puppy stores and the puppy mills WILL go out of business.     


I can personally promise you that I will breed, birth and raise for you to the best of my ability a wonderful healthy, well tempered Mini Goldendoodle.    If you do not choose to get your new family member from Springview, I send my blessings and best wishes to you, but PLEASE make sure that you are supporting the kind of breeder that is reputable and loving, and produces healthy well raised puppies that will enrich your life and those of your family for many years to come and NOT bring you sorrow while enriching the lives of the puppy mill owners and those that live off of them.     


Blessing and best wishes,