Prices and Policies:

The first step towards adopting a precious Springview Mini or Petite  Goldendoodle is to fill out a Puppy Application.  Of course there is no charge for an application but it helps us to know about your family and helps us when we chat about what you are looking for in a puppy.  Once your puppy application is received we will contact you to go over any questions you may have.   I am a Mom and am not only raising our wonderful puppies but I am a very hands on Mom.   Evenings are reserved for our family and I do not conduct business in the evenings.  I appreciate your understanding.


All of our  English  “Teddy Bear”  Mini and Petite  Goldendoodles are   $3,200   regardless of color, markings or gender.   

We appreciate our families returning to add another Springview Puppy to their family and will give them a 10% discount. 

Waiting lists:

After we approve your puppy application we require a Non Refundable fee of $350 to be be added to our waiting list, receive updates kept informed on any questions regarding our proprietary process.  This fee is of course credited towards your final payment but is non refundable.  Once on our waiting list, you will be contacted when your turn comes up with openings to get on a specific litter and receive all of the expected litter information.   We do not take specific requests for gender.

Final Payment:

We  require that your puppy be paid for in full by the age of 4 weeks old.  If final payment is not received by the due date, you will be permanently removed from our waiting lists and your opening will be offered to another family unless you have contacted us to make other arrangements in advance.


**    We feel that adding a new family member is a very important and personal decision and we do not choose the puppy for you as many other breeders do.  

So How Does Allocation Work?

Families get to choose their puppy at 6 weeks of age.  We will send out an email prior to choosing your puppy that tells you all that we can see with the puppies at that time.  We evaluate any temperaments that we can see, bites, coats and anything else that we feel you would want to know about the puppies.  We also take lots and lots of pictures, individually labeling each one so that you get many pictures of each puppy to help you decide which puppy you prefer.  In the instance where there is a special consideration that makes the puppy fit the family better such as families with special needs, we take those into consideration and that can affect your placement in choosing.

Visitation Policy:

Everyone will agree, there is nothing sweeter than going to see a litter of puppies, to hold and cuddle them and feel their soft warm bodies on our necks.  Unfortunately, because of the Parvo Virus, that could mean a death sentence to these wonderful innocent pups.  With the prevalence of Parvo being such that it is, we cannot accept visitors to see our puppies until they have had their 8 week immunizations and are being picked up by their families.  It has happened many times that entire litters have been infected and die a horrible death within just days of having an unsuspecting visitor bring in the virus while seeing the puppies.

We love to meet our families and think it is very important for you to see how and where your puppy has been raised.  We are extremely proud of our home and how we raise our beautiful dogs!  We look forward to meeting our families here at our home when you pick up your puppy at 8 weeks of age.

We understand that you want to know as much as you can and see the puppy you are going to bring home and we try to help fulfill this wish with lots and lots of pictures.   We love to take pictures!  We take pictures of the puppies at rest and play so you can get an idea of their personality.

We promise that with all of the pictures we supply to you, you will already have a bond with your puppy by the time he or she is in your arms!  Thank you for your understanding.

Puppy Pickup:

Puppies are released at 8 weeks of age.   We are not able to hold your puppy after the release date.  


Waiting list fees may be returned anytime at the sole discretion of the breeder.  Applicant(s) and breeder all agree that any return of waiting list fees means that any and all verbal or implied agreements to sell a puppy to that applicant(s) are now terminated.