Products and Services We Highly Recommend

We do have puppy packs available for purchase here at pickup with many of the items you will want and need for your puppy.   Other items are listed here that we highly recommend you purchase and use for your new family member.


Life’s Abundance:

We feed Life’s Abundance to all of our dogs and puppies!

** Life’s Abundance is a super premium food made in small batches shipped to your door within weeks of it being produced.  Have it shipped right to your door!

**Life’s Abundance is a holistic formula void of artificial colors, flavors and unnecessary fillers.

**Life’s Abundance uses all natural NON GMO ingredients.  Their fish proteins are preserved with tocopherols or Naturox     NO ETHOXYQUIN!

**Life’s Abundance had NEVER had a recall.

**Life’s Abundance has NO Corn or Corn gluten, NO Wheat or Wheat Glutens.

**Life’s Abundance contains Antioxidants, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, as well as Prebiotics and Probiotics!


Visit the Life’s Abundance website to learn more about their food and other great products.  You can also order your food directly from this site and have it shipped right to your door!  No more tromping to the dog food store.        ORDER YOUR LIFE’S ABUNDANCE  HERE!

Poochie Bells:

These bells will make your life so much easier!  Easily train your doodle to ring the bells when he or she needs to go potty.  Put them by the door(s) frequently used for potty and ring them with her nose or paw each time you take her out and treat upon ringing.  In no time she will ring them on her own!  Find a word to say when you are out that only means potty, we use “hurry up”.  Make a big deal and click and treat when she goes.  Usually in two weeks or less, they will learn to pee and poop on command.  No more walking and walking in the rain late at night waiting for the deed!  They really work! Find them at Poochie-Bells.com.

Snuggle Puppies:

These wonderful little stuffed animals have a battery operated heart that actually beats and a warming bag that fits inside of the stuffie, giving your puppy a secure feeling of being snuggled up to mom or sibling.  We love these and so do our dogs.  They are wonderful to help your pup sleep at night!  We have them as part of the Puppy Pack available for our families at pickup.

MinkSheen 4 in 1 Shampoo:

After raising long haired dogs all of my adult life and trying no less than 20 different products, we were recommended this by another doodle breeder.  It is wonderful!  It leaves the dog’s fur soft as silk and even has a natural insect repellents.  We hardly ever have to use a flea repellent since we started using this shampoo.  We love this product!

Clicker Training:

By far the fastest and easiest way to train a dog.  Doodles are highly intelligent to start and this just makes it easier.  Karen Pryor is a well known dog trainer and her clicker training guides are exceptional.  A web site that has a wealth of information and resources is Clickertraining.com.

Dog Training Books

  • Reaching the Animal Mind:  Karen Pryor
  • The Seven Ages of Man’s Best Friend:  Jan Fennell
  • Family Friendly Dog Training: A Six Week Program for You and Your Dog:   Patricia McConnell
  • Getting Started:  Clicker Training for Dogs:   Karen Pryor
  • The Other End Of The Leash:  Patricia McConnell
  • Living With Kids and Dogs Without Losing Your Mind:  Colleen Pelar
  • Karen Pryor has a wonderful Clicker Training DVD also

Chris Christensen grooming products:

Chris Christensen has been showing dogs for many years and has developed a wonderful line of brushes and other grooming aids.  Our dogs all love to be brushed with their Wooden Pin Brushes which have rounded and ground ends so they don’t scratch the skin.  They also last a lot longer than any brush we have purchased at the store. We really love their Ice on Ice conditioner that we use after bathing.  We would’t be without it.   Find them at ChrisSystems.com.

Lupine Leads and Collars:

These collars are very sturdy, come in a large variety of designs and are guaranteed for life.  You will probably go through many leashes because of chewing, these are replaced for life.  Find out more at Lupinepet.com.