Visitation Policy

Everyone will agree, there is nothing sweeter than going to see a litter of puppies, to hold and cuddle them and feel their soft warm bodies on our necks.  Unfortunately, because of the Parvo Virus, that could mean a death sentence to these wonderful innocent pups.  With the prevalence of Parvo being such that it is, we cannot accept visitors to see our puppies until they have had their 8 week immunizations and are being picked up by their families.       It has happened many times that entire litters have been infected and die a horrible death within just days of having an unsuspecting visitor bring in the virus while seeing the puppies.

We love to meet our families and we think it is very important f or you to see how and where your puppy has been raised.    We are extremely proud of our home and how we raise our beautiful dogs!    We look forward to meeting our families here at our home when you pick up your puppy at 8 weeks of age.        

We understand that you want to know as much as you can and see the puppy you are going to bring home and we try to help fulfill this wish with lots and lots of pictures.   We love to take pictures!  We take pictures of the puppies at rest and play so you can get an idea of their personality.

We promise that with all of the pictures  we supply to you, you WILL already have a bond with your puppy by the time he or she is in your arms!

To learn more about Parvo and how it can affect your puppy please go to the Canine Parvovirus Information Center.  Here you will find a world of information and why it is so important to not only keep the puppies away from the virus until they leave here, but how important proper vaccination is to the health and life of your puppy

Thank you for your understanding.