Guardian Homes

What is a guardian home?

A Guardian Home is NOT a foster program.  Guardian relationships are entered into as what is hoped to be a forever situation.


Why Guardian Homes?   Because we are a responsible breeder and only believe our puppies as well as our Parents should only live in loving homes as part of a family, many of our breeding dogs will be found in the loving care of our guardian homes.  A guardian is someone approved by us to be a family lucky enough to have pick of the litter as their very own.  These special puppies spend their lives with their guardian families and come to visit us when needed.

How does it work? Our Guardian agreements are different for males and females but the requirements are almost all the same.   For Tito:   If you meet the requirements below, please contact us to discuss more details.   The health of our dogs is our utmost concern and we follow a very responsible breeding protocol which has been found to be of the most benefit to our Moms.   We breed on the second heat, unless the first heat happens after 12 months of age so the first breeding heat is usually between the ages of 16-20 months of age.   The female is only breeding for an average of 3  years of the 5 year Guardian term and then she is spayed and lives with you for the rest of her life.   The females come to us an average of three days before birthing and stay here until their puppies are weaned, an average of 4-6 weeks.  We retain ownership of the dogs until their breeding period is complete, at which time the dog is spayed and full ownership is transferred to the guardians.    The female lives with their families as their loved and cherished pet for their entire lives.   We like to think of  our Guardians as a partnership, we cannot grow our business without them and we enjoy the friendships that come from working together.        IF you are meet our requirements and are interested in learning more about our program and our females available, please fill out a puppy application.  After chatting, if it seems that this may be a good fit for both of us, we have guardians that are happy to chat with you so you can learn from them how it has worked for their family!

Here are some prerequisites and requirements for becoming a guardian family:

  • The primary caregiver cannot work full time outside the home.  Work schedule must be flexible to allow transportation when needed.  Teaching schedules, unfortunately do not allow for the flexibility needed for this program.
  • No intact dogs of the opposite sex are permitted to live in the home to reduce the chances of unwanted matings.
  • Guardians must have prior experience raising and training dogs.
  • Must live in or around the Jupiter/Palm Beach/Stuart area due to transportation needs.
  • Guardians must be willing to follow our guidelines and recommendations set forth pertaining to care and feedings.
  • To protect our Girls from harmful contaminants or personal harm, our breeding dogs may not go to Doggy Day Care or be boarded while their Guardians are away, so you must have someone available to doggy sit either at your home or the home of your sitter.   We do not do boarding here at our home.
  • Guardians are required to maintain pet insurance on the dog for the guardian period, we recommend this to all of our families anyways to help with the cost of unexpected issues that may arise such as injuries.  Pet insurance does not cover nor protect the breeder, it protects you against unforeseen (non breeding related) health issues or emergencies.  We of course cover all expenses related to breeding as well as all vaccinations. 
  • We require that all Guardians of our puppies attend puppy classes. It is important for all of us to have a well behaved dog.

What are the benefits for the guardian family and the dog?

We want to make sure the Guardian situation is also beneficial to the Guardian family.

  • Our Guardian Families pay a reduced price for their pet, guardians for our females pay $2000 instead of our pet price of $3950.   Guardians for our males pay $1000.
  • The guardian for females is given a “thank you” bonus of $750 whenever female has to be left with breeder to whelp puppies.  We do invite our Guardians to come and visit Mom and pups while Mom is here raising and weaning her pups.  Our families make money on this arrangement and making it work for both parties is very important for us.  Guardians for our males are paid $50 each time our stud is needed here for a breeding.
  • We  again, pay for all immunizations.
  • The Guardian Family gets to share the joy and excitement of helping to provide loving well socialized pups to our wonderful waiting families!
  • We pay to spay the dog after breeding period and transfer ownership to you, another savings for our families.
  • The dog is placed with its forever family and never has to be raised in a kennel or to find a new family after it’s breeding period is over!


Our handsome stud-to-be Tito is available to a local Guardian Family.

Tito is 6 months old now at the end of July.  We are ready to place him in a forever Guardian Home.  This home must be local to Jupiter since he will be needed for siring our future litters.  Being a Guardian for a male is much different than a female since our boys never have to leave their family.     This Guardian will have a reduced fee for Tito and will be paid $75 each time he sires a litter as a thank you for your time and trouble bringing him here to our home to do is duty.   We will breed him to our female 1-2 times usually within a few days of each other.    The family must live her year round.

Tito is a whopping 6 pounds and is expected to be 7-8 pounds when full grown.  He has a super soft coat and will get his Poodle curls in a few months when his adult coat comes in.  He is a very happy and loving little boy.  He loves to snuggle and prances wherever he goes.     Please fill out a puppy application if you are interested in chatting with us about being Guardians for our sweet Tito!