Meet Our Moms:

Our Moms are all Multi-generational Goldendoodles, meaning they have Mini or Toy Poodle infused in them more than one time making our puppies around .875% Poodle, even though they do not look it!  That is one of the things that makes our puppies so special.


Springview’s Juno

Juno is a multigen English “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodle with an apricot coat of soft loose curls.  She is a gentle and loving girl who produces puppies as sweet as she is.  I have kept one of Juno’s litter for myself, Lina is a gentle joy to have around.


Springview’s Carli

Carli is a multigen English “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodle named after our favorite local park Carlin Park.   Carli has a silky soft coat of soft curls and great boning.  She has the most gentle temperament and is very loving and smart.   She lives nearby with her wonderful Guardians who we love and their cat and bird.


Springview’s Poppy

Poppy is a petite multigen English “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodle.  She has a silky soft coat with no curl.   Poppy has a very gentle temperament, loves everyone and loves to talk (not bark) when she is excited or wants to play just like her Daddy Bocelli.   Poppy enjoys her life near the beach with her loving Guardians and doggy sister Lulu.


Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is our beautiful Parti Multigen English “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodle from Fox Creek Farms.  Stevie has a very very soft and silky coat with just the slightest of curl.  She lives with a wonderful Guardian home nearby with her family and brother Dolce, also from Springview.

Stevie Nicks

Springview’s Allie:

Allie is our little girl kept from Kennedy’s (Miss Perfect) last litter.  She is such a joy, so gentle and quiet and follows me constantly.  She has a very soft coat with a gentle curl.   She is my beach companion and loves to greet everyone and say “Welcome to my Beach!”     Everyone that meets her falls in love with her.


Springview’s  Sydney:

Sydney is full sister to Poppy, she has a super soft coat that is slightly wavy and a very happy and playful temperament.   Sydney enjoys a spoiled life with her nearby Guardians.


Meet our Dads:



Tito is the new man on campus and now that Luca has been retired is siring all of our litters!  We are thrilled with what Tito is giving to us.   Tito is super super dark red, almost brown and his coat is incredibly soft for a Poodle.  He is a whopping 6 pounds of pure happiness.  Tito has personality to spare, loves everyone, doggies and people alike and doesn’t walk, he “prances”.   He loves to carry around a bone and just squeal with delight as he plays or brings it to share.   He loves to snuggle and can be found snuggled up with one of his girls or on my lap, his favorite place.