This is to review only, a copy will be completed by Breeder to be signed at pickup.

Springview Mini Goldendoodles Health Warranty and Purchase Contract

Seller:                                            Springview Mini Goldendoodles.   Longwood, FL  32779



Miniature Goldendoodle:  Name:                                 Date of Birth:

Microchip #:                                        Sire:                          Dam:

THE PARTIES hereby agree to the following terms and conditions of this contract:

PRICE AND DEPOSIT: Buyer agrees to pay Seller a total of $____________ for the Dog.

Limited Health Warranty:

The Breeder warrants that, to the best of Breeder’s knowledge and belief, the above described Mini Goldendoodle is of sound health at time of sale.

Buyers have three (3) days from leaving the possession of the breeder to have above Dog examined by a licensed veterinarian.

If Dog is found to have a pre-existing condition which Buyer’s veterinarian considers as a serious health issue that the veterinarian deems makes the puppy unfit for purchase Buyers have the option to return the Dog to the Breeder, at Buyer’s expense, for either 1) a full refund of purchase price or 2) a replacement Dog from a future litter.

If above referenced Dog is not examined by a licensed veterinarian within the three (3) day period following the Dog leaving the possession of the Breeder, this warranty and all of its contents will be null and void.


  1. Coccidia, Giardia and commonly occurring parasites and are not covered by this Health Warranty
  2. Viral illnesses and parasites that appear after the 3 day health warranty are not covered by this Health Warranty.


Genetic Health Warranty:

Breeder warrants, for a period of two years from date of this contract, against early onset (diagnosed within the two-year warranty period) of the following genetic conditions:

  1. Hip dysplasia (must be diagnosed through OFA) Ratings of Moderate or Severe are covered.
  2. Severe Patella luxation (must be confirmed after 14 months of age)
  3. Severe Elbow luxation  (must be confirmed after 14 months of age)
  4. Congenital heart defects
  5. Cataracts and other genetically inherited diseases of the eye including PRA prcd.

In the event that Dog is diagnosed with any of the conditions listed above, Breeder shall reimburse Buyer up to 100% of the purchase amount of the Dog for treatment of the condition, subject to the following conditions:


  1. Buyer shall provide Breeder with any and all veterinary records, including test results and other veterinary records leading to the diagnosis for the covered condition.
  2. Breeder shall, at Breeder’s option and expense, obtain a second opinion from a veterinarian of Breeder’s choice.
  3. Breeder reserves the right to confirm all results and request further testing as a condition of reimbursement to Buyer’s veterinarian.



  1. Related to the portion of the genetic health warranty regarding hip dysplasia, this warranty shall be null and void if Dog is, or has been at any time, overweight or that the Dog’s/Dog’s joints have been overstressed or injured in any way.
  2. This warranty does not cover any health problems arising from trauma, abuse or failure to maintain general health care of the Dog.
  3. This warranty also excludes issues such as, but not limited to, infections, improper bites, hernias, hypoglycemia, or any illness that may be caused by ingestion of a foreign object, food, or chemical.
  4. Breeder excludes warranty for damages caused by the Dog or relating to the Dog.
  5. Breeder excludes warranty for Dog’s coat quality, color, or any shedding tendencies or conditions whatsoever.

No other genetic conditions that may arise in the lifetime of the dog are covered by this warranty.


The Parties agree to the terms and conditions listed on the attached Addendum. Should Buyer breach any of the conditions of the Addendum, all warranties under this contract shall become null and void.

Special Conditions:

1)      FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL: Buyer agrees that if, for any reason, Buyer cannot provide a loving home for Dog, rather than sell, destroy, abandon, permanently kennel, or re-home the Dog, Seller has the first right of refusal. Buyer shall return the Dog to the Seller, at Buyer’s expense, and Seller shall make a good faith effort to find a suitable home for the Dog.

2)      Buyer acknowledges that, other than the information, representations and warranties contained in this agreement:

a)      No information, representation or warranty other than in this Contract, made by the Seller or the Seller’s employees or agents, is for the purpose, intention, or knowledge that it would be relied upon by the Buyer; AND

b)      No information, representation or warranty other than that contained in this Contract has been relied upon; AND

c)      This Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties for the sale and purchase of the subject Dog and supersedes all previous negotiations and agreements in relation to the transaction.

d)     No changes will be binding on either party to this contract except as agreed upon by both parties in writing

e)  Buyer agrees that Breeder breeder will endeavor  to accurately predict adult size and coat type to the best of her ability but cannot guarantee final coat type or size with 100% accuracy.     Buyer understands there is a risk that their puppy may shed or grow larger or smaller than estimated by breeder.”

Statement of Agreement

I/We, as the Buyer of the Dog described in this Contract of Sale and Warranty, do hereby declare that I have read and fully understand and agree with the terms, conditions, and warranties contained.

Seller affirms that the Dog described in this Contract of Sale and Warranty is the Dog delivered to Buyer. Seller agrees to the terms, conditions and warranties contained herein.


Buyer’s Signature:

_________________________________________________Dated: _______________________

Buyer’s name printed:_____________________________________________________________


Buyer’s Signature:


Buyer’s name printed:_____________________________________________________________



Breeder’s Signature:

_________________________________________________Dated: ______________________

Breeder’s Name:_____________________________________________



ADDENDUM to Contract between Breeder __________________________ (name) and Buyer ___________________________ (name), dated ________________________________ (date of contract signing) for the purchase of ___________________________, (name of Dog) Dog, as referenced in the attached contract.

The Parties agree to the terms and conditions listed on this Addendum, affixed to the Contract referenced above. Should Buyer breach any of the conditions of the Addendum, all warranties under the attached contract shall become null and void.

Buyer shall:

1 Promise to keep Dog housed indoors
2 Promise to feed Dog only premium quality food for the health and well-being of the Dog
3 Promise to maintain Dog at a healthy weight of no more than 7 pounds over veterinary recommended weight for the dog’s height and build.
4 Promise to make and keep annual veterinary appointments and to keep current with all recommended vaccinations via injection or titer testing and to administer heartworm medication year round
5 Promises to postpone strenuous, or repetitive exercise until after Dog is over one year of age

This puppy is sold as a companion pet only NOT for BREEDING purposes. The breeding of a Springview dog without breeding rights under separate contract is NOT an option. By purchasing this puppy you are hereby agreeing to have puppy spayed/neutered no later than the day the puppy turns six months old. You will surrender ownership rights to your dog and be fined $15,000 payable to the Seller if you do not have puppy spayed/neutered by said age.
**Proof of spay/neuter must be delivered to Seller no later than one day after puppy turns six months old. If proof is not delivered to Seller by said date the Health and entire Genetic Warranty is totally void.

Proof of spay/neuter (both required):
1. Veterinarian’s bill for procedure from a certified Veterinary Hospital showing dog’s description, breed and micro-chip number AND
2. Spay/neuter certificate (letter from Veterinarian stating procedure has been performed on said dog if neuter certificate is not available).
Springview Mini Goldendoodles will pursue any legal action available if this agreement is not honored and Buyer will be responsible for all legal fees.
I have read, understand and agreed to the terms and conditions of the Addendum above.