Why a Puppy from Springview?

Here at Springview Mini Goldendoodles, we are committed to giving our families the best service we can even before the puppies are born. We know how hard it can be to wait for just the perfect puppy.  It is common for our litters to be reserved well before they are born and in some cases we have families on our waiting lists months before our litters are even bred.

We want you to have the best start possible with your new Petite or Mini Goldendoodle, therefore we work with you and your puppy before he or she even comes home.  We want to do all that we can to help you get to know your puppy even while they are with us, so we take extra time to take lots of pictures so that you can watch your puppies grow.

As our puppies grow, they are started on their indoor potty training and usually catch on in just a few days.  Once they start to get up and around, (usually about 4 weeks or so), they are moved out into the main part of our home for more stimulation and to get used to normal life in a busy household.   Having a large play area in the hub of our home is a great way for the puppies to get acclimated to life in YOUR home.   They quickly learn that the normal noises of an active family, from piano lessons and vacuuming, to an occasional crash in the kitchen are nothing to be afraid of.  You can’t teach them that if they are raised in a kennel, basement, or kept in a separate room in the house or garage.  Our home is probably much like your home and we want them to have as easy of an adjustment as possible.

Please visit our Springview Mini Goldendoodles Facebook Page where you can read some wonderful notes from our families telling how happy they are with their Springview Mini Goldendoodle and see lots and lots of pictures in the photo albums there!

Getting a great head-start:

In addition to Early Neural Stimulation that helps your new puppy with socialization, your puppy will be introduced to a crate.  We put an open crate in with the puppies at a young age and they quickly learn that this is a great place to play and rest.  This is so very important for the development of a happy, well adjusted puppy.  Crate training is an important part of training a puppy and we do what we can to make this part of your life as easy as we can.

Nutrition is a HUGE deal for me and I am constantly doing research on the best foods and supplements to help keep our pets as healthy as possible.   Research has been showing that feeding your puppy a variety of different proteins and healthy ingredients helps to avoid food sensitivities and allergies as they get older.   Now all of my dogs and puppies get a variety of foods in their diet from the minute they start on their puppy mush and my adults get a mix as well.  All of our dogs and puppies are fed only super premium foods, they get a mix of two different  Pawtree Foods, which we change periodically.    Pawtree  is made with only the highest quality ingredients and are made in small batches.  Making food in small batches insures that you get the very freshest food possible.  The food you receive is only 4-6 weeks old, that is FRESH!!  They are also Ethoxyquin free.   There are many other foods that we could feed our dogs and puppies that would be much less expensive for us, but we feel that only the very best food possible is what we want to feed our dogs and puppies, because we want to help give them the healthiest life possible.    These are the highest quality foods without fillers that I have found and my dogs are thriving on them.    Feeding Pawtree with it’s large selection of high quality protein ingredients also gives them a healthy choice of foods so they don’t get bored with one variety.    You can order your Pawtree Foods here:     https://shop.pawtree.com/springview

One of the other reasons that I love Pawtree so much is that they also have a wonderful range of other products that are available for your pet from my GO To Probiotic: Gastro Pro Plus   to CBD to Fish Oil for your pet.  https://shop.pawtree.com/springview

We are committed to the health and wellness of our dogs and puppies and all of our dogs are also given NuVet Immune Support tablets daily.  Having a strong immune system is the best way to assure that your puppy and adult dog can live the healthiest life possible.   Feeding the best food you can is only part of the equation, these supplements offer superb ingredients to help your puppy/dog recover quickly from vaccinations, illnesses and helps to ward off many opportunistic diseases that can affect a lesser immune system.   We have seen the difference it makes here.  Breeding dogs are known to “blow their coat” during the whelping and weaning process, we all know that this is a very stressful time for all females.  Our girls have plenty of milk and go home with a full shiny coat thanks to the superior nutrition they receive that keeps their immune systems functioning at peak performance levels.     Learn more about NuVet here:   www.nuvet.com/69974


With your puppy you will receive:

  • Two wonderful training books to help you learn how to most effectively train and raise your puppy.
  • Emails before your puppy comes home containing all sorts of training and other helpful information that has been put together from food to sleeping through the night, potty training, treats, training tips, as well as many articles and reports on development periods, chewing, potty training, crate training, bite inhibition, food and Ethoxyquin (a very dangerous preservative found in many foods) and many more. We believe in helping you with as much useful information as we possibly can.
  • Two year Genetic Health Warranty.
  • Health Certificate from our Veterinarian showing de-worming, vaccinations and health examination info.
  • A nice vaccination record we have created for you to keep track of all your puppy’s vaccinations for his/her lifetime.
  • Microchip enrollment form for registration of your puppy’s microchip.
  • Collar with matching leash.
  • Special blanket that has been rubbed on all of the litter so your pup has the scents of their brothers and sisters to help them sleep at night.
  • A new toy to bring home.