Upcoming Litters

Please note that in the doodle world weight correlates more to the “build” of the dog.  Doodles can appear the same size but range in weight due to the amount of muscle and mass in each dog or it’s leg length.  We do our best to estimate the weight range that is expected in each litter.

**** Prices for all of our puppies as well as details on our allocation procedure can be found on our Prices and Policies page.

Please note as much as we would like to, we cannot take requests for gender.  Please review our Allocation procedures for details on how this is done.  We cannot hold a place for you on a waiting list until a waiting list fee is received.

The following litters are bred and now open:

Piper and Luca

This litter is expected to range from an estimate of 15-30 pounds.  They will be red and apricot and are not expected to be very curly (you can always expect some curl).  Puppies will be released on Jan 27, 2018.


Families on our waiting list are always contacted with earlier openings if they occur before any scheduled litter openings.  Right now there is the possibility of puppies that will go home in December after our Moms give birth.